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I had never ever written on any serious issue on my blog but this time I am really fed up by seeing how some people on the pretext of India’s Pride are filling their own pockets. Yes, m talking about Commonwealth Games 2010. I am a fan of Times Now anchor Mr. Arnab Goswami and I watch Newshour almost every day. From past so many days the point of discussion has been how corruption has taken over these games. As pointed out by Outlook magazine’s editor in chief – Mr.Vinod Mehta, these games have now become scam a day games.

I am neither a politician nor a news reporter or correspondent. I am just an “AAM AADMI” who is ashamed of seeing how corruption is spoiling our image world wide. As if this wasn’t enough, we have leaking roofs and no injury center for athletes. When we should be thinking about how could home advantage be used in favor of our athletes so that they can win more medals and raise our National Flag high, we are all messed up with corruption, lack of resources and everything else except sports.

Why is that every time our leaders see an opportunity to make money they can’t resist the temptation. Why is that when asked about the responsibility and accountability, we get no response from our leaders. Why is that even after RTI, we are still facing such menace? All these questions need to be answered…but the real problem is who will answer them…

Comman man like me can just hope that one day, India ( the biggest democracy) will soon be freed from the clutches of Corruption and Poverty and finallywe will become a true superpower.


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