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A Whole New Life – Called Wife

Finally after an year, I am writing again….and this time it will be on a serious issue….atleast I will try to write on a serious issue…

On May 4 2010, my fate was sealed..yes u got it right…my life partner was chosen and from now onwards I could not look at girls any more with a feeling of being single…hehehe( hope my better half misses this line) :p

This past one year has been up’s and down in both career as well as personal life…when I was in college doing my MBA, i just wanted it to end as soon as possible so that I can focus on my career but now when it has ended, I wish it would have never ended…all friends are now busy with work, no time left for any one…Even I call only when I have some work..I don’t know why.. but whenever I call some one without any work I had a guilt feeling of wasting the precious time (of my friends ofcourse). On career front, life is on a roller coaster with ups and down’s every day..though I still feel it was a correct decision to be an entrepreneur:) My personal life has changed a lot …now I am enjoying my courtship( in terms of Indian traditions only) and with each day passing, I am hopeful that I will become somewhat more responsible, more caring than what I am right now..

Fingers crossed for my hopes and I hope that my hopes will come true [ Sounds like a tongue twister:p]

Were you seriously expecting me to write on a serious issue?? Come on if you want serious issues go read The Economic Times…. :p


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