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Engineer In The Making

Four years ago, when i completed +2 i was not sure what to do. But somehow I managed to get admission in Thapar University. The feeling of getting into Thapar was amazing and you know with a tag of Thaparian, you stand distinguished from others. But the 4 years i had spent in university had changed me a lot. From one of the most shy guy of Budha Dal Public School i have become one of the most talkative guy of Thapar.

Time has passed and now Kanwarjot Singh is Er. Kanwarjot Singh. Though during the coll time i used to get so much frustrated due to long study hours (though i never studied :) ) but now when the classes are over and i am free at home i am missing that time. I am missing how in the labs we used to make fun of each other, how i slept in classes with eyes wide open ( you need to experience a lot for this ), never perform any experiment and then find suitable excuses.  All this is history but indeed it needs to be cherished.

I request all my friends to remain in contact as i don’t want to loose any of you. Though the coll is over but i never want to end the plz plz never ever forget me….


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