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Though I still have 1 year left of my college life but still I am having the feeling that the best time have passed. As you know that I have completed civil engineering and now only 1 year of MBA is left so I want to enjoy this 1 year to the most but the problem is that all my friends have already left the college and have joined job. The days we used to be together were surely the best days but as they say you realize the importance of things/relations when they are not with you. This is exactly whats happening to me. Earlier all of my friends used to be sick of that college routing but now every one is missing those wonderful days. I got hold of this video which says it all.

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    thanks for having your blog as a civil engineer.,
    this will be our project for my subject Engineering Science 1. Haha… Thanks a lot!

    eu017 on October 6th, 2008
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    LIfe will go on…
    Whether we want or not…
    And we should accept the changes!
    Please accept my sympathy…Though it’s a bit late !

    sarah on July 27th, 2009


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