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Analysis Of Civil Engineering Exams – My Last Act

Carnage is yet to begin and this time it will be the full and final for some lucky chaps but i am not as lucky as them as I have one more year [dual degree remember].Yeah! I am talking about carnage=the act of killing many people and thats what we THAPARIANS have to face till 30th may …This kind of killing is not physically assaulting the persons but it has a deeper impact:- MENTAL DETERIORATION ..yes u got it right frnds i am talking about the exams…Some might be thinking that the final year guy talking like this-ahh shame on you but you know how much cool you are,the surroundings surely have an impact and i have committed a very big mistake by sitting with class toppers for 2 hours.

This time the final exams were scheduled from Monday onwards..that means that our weekend had to be sacrificed for the so called act of mugging..

1) Earthquake engineering= The subject which can be considered as a sister of Structural Engineering which i never understood from day 1 of my engineering classes..and this time also the prob was the same…i wasn’t even aware of the basic concepts and therefore had only one way of passing it out and that was THE MAGICAL PATH OF DIVINE INTERVENTION…hehehehhehe only god could make it possible for me to pass this subject..


2) Total Quality Management = A very interesting subject when you get the basic rights…The only subject I enjoyed reading even though my marks wont say so. But really, i find it a very entertaining subject because whatever you say in the end you have to remember only one line – “Customer is the King and wants quality service from service providers”.

3) Transportation Engineering = It really reaches all the extremes…There are so many problems that one feels thats there are more problems than solutions so whats the need of this :). you have to find positives from even accidents …yeah accidental analysis has many advantages thats what i had written when i was half slept half awake in the class

4) Solid Waste Management -Uggghhhh!! The name sounds dirty but the subject was not :). All we did was to learn how to manage waste by techniques which we never follow in India.

5) IT = The coolest subject we had. No tension of Papers, no tension of classes/tutorials or labs. It gave us the feeling that despite all odds still Thapar Teachers treat us with some love :) [ I am sure all IT student would have understood what i am saying]

6) Irrigation Engineering = A subject taught to Civil engineers and has yet to find an importance.. :) ..Really this subject is way too much…If ever u read that subject i warn not to let it control ur mind…The water flowing in a canal is not just a simple water flow it is upstream flow, downstream flow and i even don’t know what more..( This may be wrong as my concepts always are)


Atlast I am A 10 Pointer

The training semester was over and we all started the last semester with some what mixed feelings – happy because finally i am Er. Kanwarjot Singh and sad because all my friends would be leaving…

Few days back, my friends told me that C.G.P.A cards are available..i was some what tensed because of my evil deeds during the training sem :) but some how i decided to go and collect it…and i was shocked to see it –

Project Semester – A

Marketing Management – A

I was expecting A in marketing management [Thanks to my professor :) ] but in project sem i was really doubtful…

So now no one can blame me of not studying :) i am also a 10/10 which thaparians normally call A DASSI ( 10 pointer) … Now when i have got a 10/10 i am thinking of skipping some part of my study in the last sem:)


Diljit – Dil Nu Tere Naal Pyaar – Punjabi Video Song

Exams Over – But Aftershocks Are Still To Be Felt

So finally i am again free :) exams over and i am again all messed up with what is called the examination aftershocks…ya you got it right – my evaluated answer sheets…i was expecting atleast good marks in one of the subjects but as always my expectations are more than what i get..

Never mind this is the last time I am giving first mid semester exams for civil engineering, So




Exam Time Sucks

So after 6 months full of fun and enjoyment at my training now i am back for the 8th semester in college.Though the college days are much more enjoyful and good but the only thing i hate the most is the exam time…i dont know why the hell they come out after every 1-2 months.We already had enough of those and now are totally saturated with it.

But no matter how much i complain, whatever i do the college oops now university has no effect so i think i should bear it for 1 more year( MBA kid here Remember :) )

I have an exam today at 4 so i think i should try and study so that i can write something there for the teacher to read rather than writing here where no one reads…lol

Muk Chale Kharhe Kharhe – Amrinder Gill

Fish Or Selfish

Once a fish daughter asked her mom,why can’t we live on earth…The mother fish replied with a deep breath ” Sea is for fishes and earth is meant for only selfishes ”

So what we can take out of it….you all better know!!!

Bye Bye – 2007

Today is 1 jan 2008, and it is 1.12 am and i am writing this post because i don’t feel like sleeping now and have nothing else to do…when i see back,year 2007 was full of ups and downs.The time is passing so fast that it all seems like a dream.I still remember those days when i entered Thapar and the time i used to play cricket for more than 10 hours a day in holidays.But now from the last 2 years i haven’t even touched the bat and ball

Everything seem to be so fast,no time to play and no time to do stupid things i enjoyed few years back.I don’t know i like this time or the time when i was a bit younger and had no tensions about other things..what ever the time may be i always think we all will cherish the moments which had passed away

What has passed is history and can not be undone so i think i should be concentrating more on the future.A new year brings new hopes, new ideas and a new thinking to realize my dreams.Though my dreams are more than what i should be expecting but i believe dreams can be to any extent..after all no one is going to question about my dreams 😀

So to all my friends who are reading this, I wish all of them and there families a very happy new year and pray to GOD that all there wishes come true.


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Once a Budha mets a Budhi under the Mango tree

Said the Budha to the Budhi will you marry me

My Quotes

I see dreams becoz i know dreams are the source of inspiration to do something in reality.

– Kanwarjot Singh(KJS )